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The birth of Revolutionary Digital Marketing Platform

Kamal Aryal February 04, 2022


The month for loved ones. But little people know that in 2004, a sophomore student of Prestigious Harvard University created a Network where every individual could connect with their close ones. 

This guy was the same guy who is famously known for dropping out of Harvard University next year. 

This guy’s name was Mark Zuckerberg and the network he created out of love is famously known as ‘Facebook’ now rebranded as ‘Meta’.

Yes! We all use Facebook. The stats for 2021 suggests that Facebook is the most used Social Media site Currently. 

Facebook and Marketing


While we surf through our news feed, we happen to come through many sorts of posts. Some are jokes and some photos of our close ones. 

I think we all know the basic concept of marketing. If there is the presence of the audience, then Sales are probable. 

This common concept applies here on Facebook too. There is a large amount of audience present behind the screens who will buy your product if it suits their needs. 

Ways to market your Brand on Facebook

  1. Educate the audience: Not that audience needs any sort of teachings from you, but if you think your product is genuine, you need to publicize your product on Facebook. 
  1. Reviews: It’s vital to share the testimonials of customers after using your product so more people will be encouraged. 
  1. Keep Engaging: Connecting with the audience will only increase their trust in you and your Brand. This will help you in Sales.
  2. Ads: This is one of the most important aspects of Marketing on Facebook. Running Ads of your product helps your brand to reach a large audience which will help in your growth. 

Agency Aid in Digital Marketing

The above-mentioned points might be too complex for you to understand or follow. It is difficult to manage your brand and keep engaging with customers on Facebook. 

This is where the Digital Marketing Agency comes in. Digital Marketing Agencies not only support your brand through their hard work but help you in sales and brand building. The big brands you see today aren’t what they are just because of their hard work. There is a whole team of Digital Marketing who help them campaign rightly in the Market.

Business and Digital Marketing Agency

Overall, Facebook has become a pioneer in Digital Marketing. The easy-to-use interface and a large amount of audience presence are what flourish it. 

Lastly, We want to wish you a very happy 18th birthday Facebook. We wish it becomes a network that connects many people and people’s businesses. 

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