Our Portfolio

Working with reputed companies has been a pleasure. Here are a few of them.

Angan, operated by Pashupati Foods, has been engaged in sweets and snacks endeavor for the past 20 years and therefore, all preparations are accomplished in accordance with their strict quality control and with no compromise. Established in the year 1992, Angan is a traditional sweet store, which has a strong hold over the sweet market in Nepal today.

Angan is the best place in Nepal for all sweet lovers from the world over to look for. The store offers a whole range of traditional sumptuous sweets including Laddus, Khoya Items, Dry Fruit Sweets, Bengali Sweets, and many more such sweets.


OnlineZeal’s marketing team evaluated and collected the requirements for Angan “Pashupati Foods” for its business promotion. The client decided on going forward with OnlineZeal’s business promotional package which would cover social media promotion, website update and promotion, SMS marketing, email marketing, and more.

After finalizing the requirements, a contract was signed in an agreement between OnlineZeal and Angan “Pashupati Foods”. Tasks were assigned to the digital marketing department to go forward with regular design, captions, Facebook/Instagram ads, and other strategies.

After undertaking the project, OnlineZeal made sure to carry out regular tasks all in all to promote the brand and its services. Regular posts have been made on social media and ad promotions have been run. Similarly, Bulk SMS and mail have been sent during events, special offers, and occasions.

Utilizing the social media platforms, the brilliant minds at OnlineZeal collaborated with the client to come up with the idea of promoting its services on several occasions. Since the signing of the contract between the two parties, Angan “Pashupati Foods” has been able to promote its business on Facebook.